Our company is from the one hundred m regarding Tai’s household

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To the relationships procession that adopted the newest ceremony on monks, Nattawud Daoruang published within his site Thailand Lifetime: “I’m position at the front end of one’s wedding procession with my personal father. (Really you want to cover anything from the house however it is also far!) Each one of my personal family relations is carrying such things as a beneficial banana tree, sugarcane forest, different types of as well as the money on sin sod (dowry). All of this might possibly be available to Tai’s parents. People was overcoming drums while some was dance and you can vocal something like “I am coming, I am here!” About half answer to brand new bride’s household, we fulfill a married couples (Tai’s cousin and you will brother). He could be indeed there in order to invited the procession and you can lead me to our house.[Source: Nattawud Daoruang Thailand Life ]

My dad and i are now actually condition ahead of the family. We can’t go in because there are two people carrying an effective silver strip between them. There can be just one way of getting these to unlock new “gate” and that is to spend all of them some funds. We give them an envelope of money every single chances are they why don’t we pass through. Although not, once not absolutely all methods there’s another entrance! The folks on this gate is actually requesting several envelopes for each and every! After paying them i then reach the last door. Here is the most expensive and you will my pops needs to give them a lot of envelopes!

I am now standing on the ground with my grandparents and you will mothers. The connections is actually bringing in this new trays out of as well as sin sod and you will place them on the floor. My personal daddy asks Tai’s moms and dads to evaluate the food. There have been two trays of all things in 2 rows with the flooring. At the conclusion of one to row there can be just one rack. It’s antique for the bride’s front side so you can fill the room which have a rack out-of dining to really make it equivalent.

We start to walk more sluggish toward family and make an extremely loud appears

It is now going back to the latest bride-to-be to come aside but she will not! Some one appear and you may informs me one to Tai cannot appear because We haven’t unlocked the last gate. However go to the home at base of the staircase using my father. Which “door” is truly hard to discover and we need to use of numerous envelopes to have it unlock! It ultimately opens up and that i run up the brand new stairs to get Tai. The two family members are in reality sitting on the ground up against for each and every almost every other. My parent requires how much cash we must purchase the newest dowry. Tai’s mum answers “40 thousand baht and five baht silver”. My personal pops next leaves a large bundle on a tray and you will actually starts to unwrap it. In to the you can find five stacks away from hundred or so baht banknotes, a gold wristband and you may a great necklace.

He advances the money aside and you will encourages Tai’s mothers when deciding to take a look

After they are happy there exists no bogus banknotes, my personal dad entry them a tiny bowl of dried plant life. It get a handful and you will jet specific in addition cash in good clockwise direction prepared all of us best wishes for our relationship. After that, if they have both done performing one to, all of our partnered affairs as well as take turns. Ultimately they are done and that i get the content having all the money in they and you can hand they so you’re able to Tai’s mum. She takes it out of myself following operates upstairs to place they away during the a comfort zone. She makes it feel like the woman is powering out into the currency and so folk jokes! A few momemts after she returns and sits down on the ground alongside Tai’s father. We today offer all of them certain silver, a wristband and you will a necklace. Tai try sitting in front of me and waiting around for me to get the gold to their shoulder as well as on her wrist. Once i do you to, We grab the band away from my match pocket and set it toward ring finger on her behalf left-hand.


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